Recruitment FAQ

Q1.Please explain the process of regular employee recruitment.

A.The typical pattern for becoming a regular employee is as follows; resume review→ interview→ trial period→ recruitment (as a regular employee). The time between the receipt of applications and interviews generally amounts to a 3-day period. Trial periods are two months in length.

Q2.For reasons related to current employment constraints, is it possible to carry out interviews after business hours or on Saturday or Sunday?

A.Depending on your situation, we can provide interviews on Saturday, Sunday and during the evening hours. Please note what dates and times are convenient for you in your application.

Q3.Can application documents be returned to the applicant? How is personal information in resumes and curriculum vitae handled and controlled?

A.We do not return resumes/personal information we have received as a matter of policy but we do not use this information for any purpose other than employee selection.

Q4.Are there any restrictions in regards to such things as academic history or gender for application?

A.As a principle we have no restriction. Academic and employment history are merely a means of reference, and a candidate will not be rejected on the basis of these qualities alone.

Q5.Is it necessary to have experience, technical skill, and qualifications?

A.It is best to have some experience but if a candidate has plenty of motivation, even those who are inexperienced will be trained at our company. We do not consider any specific qualifications necessary; however, there are a number of qualifications that we request a candidate to acquire after recruitment.

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