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Recruiting details

1. Recruiting Occupational Categories

(1) System Engineer
A system engineer listens to management issues that customers want to resolve, clarifies the requirements for deciding what system to create to resolve those issues, and proposes the most suitable solution.
They will carry out optimum system formulation, system configuration and UI design according to the customer’s needs.
In order to allow customers to be able to install the system without worry, the engineer will provide support from application management to installation.

(2) Programmer
The programmer is in charge of detailed production of the system according to the requirement definition documents laid-out by the system engineer and external design specifications. They will construct a high-quality system through a high level of programming knowledge and extensive teamwork.

2. Employment Type

Regular employee/contract employee

3. Place of Work

The main office or Japan

4. Qualifications

(1) New Recruitment
Academic background irrelevant
*We place maximum priority on an individual’s motivation and potential.

Academic background/age irrelevant
*We place maximum priority on technical ability and competency rather than age and academic background.

【Skills Sought】

System Engineer
・ Requirement definition, ability to design upper processes such as external designs
・ Communication skills
・ Project management skills

・ Experience implementing Java, PHP, SQL
・ Experience creating systems using frameworks such as Spring.
・ Experience with unit tests using Junit, etc.

5. Holidays/Time off

Saturday/Sunday/New Year’s Holiday/Paid Vacation/Periods of Congratulations and Condolences
*May differ depending on what project one is responsible for.
*When working with a client, schedules will follow the client’s calendar.

6. Treatment of Regular Employees/ Welfare Program

・ Salary increase assessment carried out twice a year
・ Bonuses provided
・ Travel Expenses provided
・ Compensation for Lunch provided
・ Social Insurance provided
・ Company retreat
・ Expenses required for acquiring qualifications and subsidiary provided

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