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Privacy Policy

Policy for Protecting Personal Information

As our social duty as a software developing company, Ars Nova Vietnam (below referred to as our company) will appropriately make use of personal information. We recognize our social responsibility, protect individual rights and interests, and adhere to all regulations regarding personal information. Moreover, in order to realize the policy denoted below, our company has created a personal information protection management system. We declare here to constantly endeavor to make these companywide improvements while constantly recognizing such things as the latest IT (technology) trends, distribution risk trends, changes in social demand, and changes in management environments

a) During such times as our company is entrusted with personal information, we will disclose the purpose for acquiring said information and carry out appropriate acquisition/use/supply of personal information. We will not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary for accomplishing the purpose of its use (use beyond the purpose of acquisition). Furthermore, we will take appropriate measures for these purposes.

b) Our company adheres to laws and ordinances, guidelines established by the region as well as those standards regarding personal information acquisition.

c) In regards to unauthorized access of personal information, disclosure of personal information, the risk of destruction or loss of personal information, our company takes measures to establish reasonable safety measures, infuses management resources agreeable to actual business affairs, and carries out continuous improvements to our personal information security system. Furthermore, we correct all improper items. We additionally examine internal official regulations, etc. and protect personal information under optimum security conditions.

d) Our company provides official internal regulations for corresponding with complaints and consultation regarding personal information handling and management and corresponds to complaints and consultation quickly and sincerely.

e) We carry out constant timely/appropriate re-evaluations of our personal information protection management system based on the changes in circumstances surrounding our company, and continuously implement improvements.

Date of enactment: April 1st, 2013
Ars Nova Vietnam President Wakayama Daichi

Regarding Personal Information Handling

In order to render services smoothly, Ars Nova Corporation (below referred to as “our company”) acquires personal information necessary to carry out services. The personal information we acquire is handled according to our company’s “personal information protection policies”, or in the following manner.

1. Personal Information Protection Supervisor
Ars Nova Vietnam Wakayama Daichi +84-28-3526-5588

2. Use of Personal Information
Our company uses personal information we acquire for the following purposes.

Use of personal information acquired directly from documents provided by the individual

(1) Employee personal information
• Salary calculation tasks
• Social insurance tasks
• Human resource labor management tasks
• Company paper work, office procedure and office communication
• Health care
• Security management

(2)Personal information from recruitment applications
• Judging applicant’s acceptability
• Contacting applicants
• Procedures for hiring

(3) Client personal information
• Business negotiations, job-related communications, tasks related to receiving orders


Use of personal information acquired through methods other than documents provided directly from the individual

(1) Entrusted personal information
• Handling the fulfillment of entrusted business contracts such as software development within the necessary scope.

3. Regarding Personal Information Disclosure, etc.

When our company receives a request for appropriate personal information disclosure from the client themselves, or their representative, we reply within a reasonable timeframe, excluding the following respective cases.

1. In cases where there is danger of harm to the client’s, or a third party’s life, body, property, or other rights and interests
2. In cases where there is danger of causing considerable obstruction to the reasonable operation of company tasks
3. In cases where such actions would be in violation of laws and ordinances

4. Regarding the Use of Cookies on Websites Developed by our Company
We do not acquire personal information through secretive methods by which the person in question cannot easily recognize such as the use of cookies and web beacons.

5. Reception Counter for Personal Information Handling, Questions, Complaints, etc.
Concerning complaints and inquiries regarding personal information acquired by our company, please contact the above “Reception Counter regarding Personal Information”.

6. Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization
At the present time, this company is not affiliated with any authorized personal information protection organization.

Contact us

Contact: the General Affairs Office 
April 1st, 2013
Ars Nova Vietnam Company Representative Daichi Wakayama

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