What is Ars Nova?

Elevating the Status of Engineers
-To further raise the social value of the “engineer”-

We believe that “engineers” possess special skills and are “an existence of great social value.” For this reason, we have focused energy into elevating the skills of engineers, and are promoting the acquisition of global licenses accepted internationally. Furthermore, beyond education during each project, we have introduced a “study-group system,” and make an effort to carry out training for practical ability. Through these efforts we will elevate the social status of engineers by training engineers who have a combination of knowledge and experience and are highly valued by everyone.

We aim to be a company that allows engineers to develop and enjoy engaging in their work

At Ars Nova, we focus on increasing the skills of our employees based on the belief that “an employee’s development contributes to company advancement.” Furthermore, we consider the ability to enjoy work to be equally important. For this reason, we aim to be a company in which all our employees “enjoy work and are able to increase their skills,” and have prepared the following system for this purpose.

・Company Retreat

At Ars Nova, we believe that enjoying life is just as important as work; so once a year, the company carries out a retreat and takes full responsibility of all costs. Through this vacation, we hope to deepen communication between company employees, their family, and friends, and allow people to create enjoyable memories (Family members and friends must pay their own expenses but are welcome to accompany employees).

・System for Acquisition of Qualifications

The company is responsible for all fees necessary for acquiring qualifications. Furthermore, those who acquire qualifications are given a cash bonus.

・Study Group System

Our company is currently implementing study groups at fixed intervals as a place for feedback on an individual’s technique absorbed through various experiences and knowledge polished through acquisition of qualifications. These efforts accelerate the speed of growth of our employees as engineers.

・Publication Purchasing System

Publications necessary for work and qualifications are as a principle purchased by the company. We support the opportunity for our employees to increase their skills.

Company Overview

Company Name Ars Nova Corporation
Date of Establishment March 26, 2004
Main Office Location 101-0025
Tokyo-to Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Sakumachou 2-12-6 Floral Akihabara 4F
Main telephone number 03-6240-9792
Fax number 03-6240-9793
Executive Staff President  Osamu Takahashi
Company Director    Kouichi Takezawa
Company Director    Hiroyuki Saito
Company Director    Shinya Nakabeppu
Company Auditor    Yoichi Okamoto
Paid-in Capital ¥11,500,000
Primary Bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Primary Business Function Computer software development and sales
Computer installation and operations related consulting
Application development for smart phones
Providing engineers
Principle Clientele MTI, Ltd.
AMB Consultant
Fujimic, Inc.
Growth xPartners, Inc.
Toyo Business Engineering Co.
Nippon Express
(honorifics abbreviated, listed according to Japanese alphabetic order)
License Specific worker dispatch Specific 13-302078

Service Overview

We constantly pursue our client’s best interests.
Our business spans from various business task system constructions, such as those for manufacturing/distribution/financial industry, to smart phone application development, and we support the entire span of planning/listening/requirement analysis/development/practical application by using experienced engineers and the latest technology.

Through our rich business knowledge and excellent developers, we propose systems best suited for our clients. We also provide conservation/maintenance in regards to developed systems.

Main services

Software Development

We carry out system launching and support from construction to maintenance management

iPhone, Android application development

We develop applications from user interface investigation, server construction and provide support including maintenance

Project Management, educational assistance, technical support

We provide large-scale project management and technical support for all companies for IT solutions

Business Achievements

Major cell phone carrier function construction (embedded)
iPhone and Android application development
Major foreign securities company managing system construction
Major liquor trade company system construction/maintenance
Major transportation company system development
System construction for government administration offices
Major life insurance company system construction/maintenance
Major distribution company system construction/maintenance
Sales management systems
Inventory control systems
Price estimation systems
Voucher/report preparing/managing systems
Attendance management/salary calculation systems

Development of web systems for paperwork/management and all other business related affairs.

Summary of our Maintenance Capabilities

Sun Certified Programmer for JAVA2 Platform
Sun Certified Associate for the Java2 Platform
Sun Certified Web Component Developer
OMG Certified UML Professional Intermediate
XML Master Professional
UML Modeling Skill Certification L1
UML Modeling Skill Certification L2
Linux Professional Institute Level1
Linux Professional Institute Level2
Linux Professional Institute Level3
Japan Software Testing Qualifications Board

<Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan>

Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination
Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination
Project Manager Examination
Database Specialist Examination
System Architect Examination

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